The webcam of the Lake of Orta is operated by the District of the Lakes Tourism Board and is located on our terrace on fifth floor. 


immagini live dalla webcam

The Lake of Orta (in the web cam a view from Omegna) is situated just west of Lake Maggiore. Is the most western between the lakes in the foothills of the Alps and has its origins in the southern front of the glacier of Sempione. Contrary to what happens to many of the alpine lakes, which have the effluent to the south, the waters of Lake of Orta goes out to the north and crossing Omegna, give life to the Nigoglia stream which then flows into the Strona and across the river Toce, in the Lake Maggiore. An ideal destination for artists and writers, the lakeside places of the Lake are often described in the works of famous authors such as Balzac, Rodari, Montale e Soldati.


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